Never A Better Time To Practice #Gratitude

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We started a podcast in Burlington Public Schools this year called Gratitude Daily. The idea was to pay more attention to the many things we have to be grateful for within our school community. Despite the fact that the individuals in our school community have been separated from one another physically, this practice does not need to stop.

In fact, with the anxiety-provoking news going in our world right now, we need gratitude now more than ever. As I stated in my post yesterday:

I can easily list all of my anxieties about these unparalleled time and continually discuss my fears, but I also know that these days will provide opportunities that would not have been previously possible.

A Gratitude Challenge

Find one thing each day that you are grateful for that would not have been possible if we were not in these unique circumstances. Parents, ask your children to do the same. Share these with one another each evening. Let’s try to take the focus away from all of the things we can’t control and focus on what we can, one another.

For me, I have spoken to my mom more in the last three days than I did in the previous three month and I am grateful for that. Our first episode of the Gratitude Daily Podcast – School Closure Edition shared gratitude from an eighth grader in New Hampshire who had the opportunity to connect with her cousins a few states away.

Please share your Gratitude, by tweeting at @gratitudebps, emailing us at, or sharing your gratitude on a message on our podcast’s website.


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