A little about me

The posts on this blog are my own thoughts and reflections on various topics and do not necessarily represent the position of my current employer. I am currently the Assistant Superintendent for Learning in Burlington Public Schools (MA), Past NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner (2012), Past MSAA MA Assistant Principal of the Year, Led First 1:1 iPad High School Implementation In MA.

My Philosophy of Education

I believe strongly that all successful educational endeavors begin with a keen focus on the learner.  Every learner has a set of unique strengths that need to be fostered and built upon in order to ensure that they feel valued and supported in pursuing their hopes and dreams. This success is predicated on the development of a learning environment where all of the members feel safe, valued and respected for the contributions that they offer.

In order to set the stage for a school community where every learner feels the aforementioned sense of belonging, there are other key factors that need to be in place. First and foremost is the establishment of a partnership with all parents and guardians who are welcomed by the school for ongoing conversations regarding the educational goals and achievements of their children. This home-school partnership helps build the trust and respect of both students and their families that amplifies the fact that there is a shared focus on the student.

The trust needed in this partnership is imperative as schools look to evolve in order to best prepare learners for their future endeavors. In a time when knowledge can be attained through a device in the palm of one’s hand and learning can be done nearly anywhere at any time, the need for school is more important than ever. Learning is most effective when it is pursued in a community with others who share similar passions and beliefs about learning. 

We need to be more coordinated than ever to ensure that our students are prepared to pursue their passions. This is best accomplished in local communities where stakeholders can have an active role in articulating the core values and beliefs about learners and learning. It is only with this type of active commitment that we can ensure an equitable educational experience where all students feel empowered and believe in their ability to achieve their learning goals.