Mindfulness Practices For More Productivity At Work

My last post talked about my intentions to be more mindful in 2019. While my efforts have been sporadic thus far, I am definitely sensing a difference in my overall focus and patience during the weeks where I am more consistent in my practice. The key for greater consistency will be locking in a particularContinue reading “Mindfulness Practices For More Productivity At Work”

Looking for more Mindfulness in 2019

I have spent some time thinking about goals for the upcoming year. But we all know how that turns out. Studies say that 80-percent of people fail in their New Year’s Resolutions by February.  We deliver a proclamation about life-altering changes that we plan on making and then shortly into the New Year, we failContinue reading “Looking for more Mindfulness in 2019”

The 21st Century Resume – Sasha Dichter’s Blog

Sasha Dichter’s latest post, The 21st Century Resume, talks about what a 21st Century Resume should look like.  It is definitely something we need to spend a lot more time thinking about in regards to students and the types of learning experiences they are having in schools.  I love the following points from Dichter’s post asContinue reading “The 21st Century Resume – Sasha Dichter’s Blog”

Thankfulness + Giving = Thanksgiving

As you approach Thanksgiving weekend and reflect on all that you have to be thankful for, I encourage you to consider a donation to the recovery efforts for the people who have been impacted by the California wildfires.  It is hard to understand the level of destruction just hearing about the wildfires on the newsContinue reading “Thankfulness + Giving = Thanksgiving”

Supporting Healthy Social Media Habits

This past Saturday at our third annual Parent University, I was fortunate to lead a short session on how parents can help support their kids in the development of healthy social media habits.  During the session, I shared some of the ways I have monitored my 12-year old daughter’s use of her newly acquired iPhoneContinue reading “Supporting Healthy Social Media Habits”

Most Schools Are Not Set Up For This

One of the bloggers who always gets me thinking is Harold Jarche. His insights into the ways that organizations and individuals need to function in order to ensure continuous learning are important for educators to consider since our ultimate goal is to prepare students for the “real world.” His most recent post shared the following quote:Continue reading “Most Schools Are Not Set Up For This”

Two Great Social Media Resources for Parents

Instagram has put together a great resource for parents who would like to learn more about its ultra-popular app and also keep up with what their kids are up to with this social media tool.  Know How To Talk With Your Teen About Instagram: A Parent’s Guide is available both as a PDF and in aContinue reading “Two Great Social Media Resources for Parents”

#WeeklyWebFinds – July 21, 2018

So after last week’s #ThreeforThursday post, I have already altered my goal and will go with a more flexible #WeeklyWebFinds post to highlight articles and other related topics of interest. Anyway, here are three more things that got me thinking last week… Empowering Kids In An Anxious World – from NPR This brief article from NPRContinue reading “#WeeklyWebFinds – July 21, 2018”

4 Shifts Protocol Helps Redesign Lessons for Deeper Learning

School leaders spend a lot of time talking about how to make learning more relevant and engaging for students.  Many of these discussions evolve into multi-year efforts to implement project-based or inquiry-based learning.  While any amount of time spent assuring access to deeper learning opportunities for all students is time well spent, the path toContinue reading “4 Shifts Protocol Helps Redesign Lessons for Deeper Learning”