How To Follow Your Child (or Anyone) On Twitter Without Joining Twitter

So I recently had to make a call to a relative regarding his son’s Twitter account because I had come across some pretty disturbing material on the 15-year old’s feed. When my relative answered the phone I asked, “Have you ever checked (his) Twitter feed?”  Not surprisingly, my relative responded, “never.” image via – At […]

Our High School Is Featured On Apple’s Education Page

In case you missed it, Apple posted a great video on it’s Education page yesterday highlighting Burlington High School.  Seeing it made me prouder than ever to be part of a community that is willing to take a risk and be a leader in providing the most modern classroom resources to help prepare our students. […]

BHS Sophomore Nikkhil Thakkar Starts Alcohol Ed. Program

A 15-year old sophomore at Burlington High School, Nikhil Thakkar has taken what he has learned in the classroom and used it to create something truly unique. Inspired by eclectic sources, such as Mrs. Doughty’s health class, he has founded his own free Alcohol Education Program, S.A.F.E (Staying Alcohol Free Education). His program is targeted at […]

Answering A Few Questions From My Sessions At AASSP/AAMSP Fall Conference

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to provide a keynote and a breakout session at the AASSP/AAMSP Fall Conference which was organized by Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools in Orange Beach, Alabama this week. The two sessions were titled – Leading in a Learner-Centered Environment and Transparent Leadership. During each of the sessions, I used Socrative and allowed audience […]

What Would A "Mockumentary" on Schools Look Like? There was a little bit of conversation on Twitter a few weeks back when this video was first aired by The Onion.  It is amazing to think at how quickly the video store industry became obsolete. While technology continues to change the way we do so many things outside of schools, what practices inside […]