#BPSCon Welcomes Mindfulness Expert Caitlin Krause

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 8.40.13 AM

We are excited to have Caitlin Krause, the founder of MindWise, join us all day Wednesday at BPSCon.  Caitlin has been a featured speaker at numerous events around the world for her insights on the importance of integrating Mindfulness into schools and classrooms.  In addition, she is finishing up her first book Mindful by Design (Corwin Press), which addresses mindfulness, neuroscience, creativity and innovative learning with a compassionate, curiosity-driven mindset, focusing on connection at the core.

Caitlin will run three one-hour morning sessions titled Mindfulness-Beyond the Buzzword and then a two-hour session after lunch titled “Mindfulness by Design” Mindset: Back to School, All About Connection.