#BPSCon Welcomes Lyn Hilt – Teacher, Administrator, Google and Apple Certified Trainer…

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We are excited to have Lyn Hilt join us at BPSCon to support teachers and administrators in becoming more adept at using the vast resources available in the Google Suite for Education.  Lyn spent over 15 years working as both a teacher and a Principal at the elementary and middle school levels in Pennsylvania.  She is well known among educational leaders across the country for her work as both as a teacher and a Principal.

In a recent blog post, Lyn described her work as a consultant and the joy she gets in working with teachers around the country:

I love being a consultant. I know that to some educators, consultant is a dirty word. It need not be. As a teacher and principal, I, too, was skeptical of someone from “the outside” coming to our schools and classrooms to show & tell their way into our hearts and minds. In fact, I think I truly connected with and appreciated the work of maybe only a handful of consultants in my time as classroom teacher, coach, and principal. But most days, in this line of work, I leave with a smile on my face, feeling energized and privileged to work with the teachers and school leaders in my midst.

You can see Lyn’s schedule at BPSCon here.

#BPSCon Welcomes Mindfulness Expert Caitlin Krause

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We are excited to have Caitlin Krause, the founder of MindWise, join us all day Wednesday at BPSCon.  Caitlin has been a featured speaker at numerous events around the world for her insights on the importance of integrating Mindfulness into schools and classrooms.  In addition, she is finishing up her first book Mindful by Design (Corwin Press), which addresses mindfulness, neuroscience, creativity and innovative learning with a compassionate, curiosity-driven mindset, focusing on connection at the core.

Caitlin will run three one-hour morning sessions titled Mindfulness-Beyond the Buzzword and then a two-hour session after lunch titled “Mindfulness by Design” Mindset: Back to School, All About Connection.