A Peek At School and Classrooms Through Their Blogs

It is so great to be part of a school community where educators share so much about what is going on within their schools and classrooms. As an administrator, I am frustrated sometimes by the fact that it is impossible to get around and see firsthand all of the wonderful things happening in the Burlington Public School System each day.  But thanks to the growing number of teachers and administrators sharing on websites and blog, I am able to feel like I am in the loop even if I cannot be present to witness all of the neat things occurring in our district daily.

As I a parent, I can only wish that the school system that my children attend provided such wonderful access!

Anyway…Here is a glimpse at some of the things that I saw yesterday as I checked out some of our district’s blogs.

From the Marshall Simonds Middle School Blog:
A peek inside our newly renovated middle school.

Tuesday, September 4th 2012 – the eagerly anticipated opening of the new addition and partially completed renovation of Marshall Simonds occurred. When you visit us you will understand why this construction project was well worth the wait. We are proud of the dedicated spirit of the teachers and staff who worked so hard to make the opening of the building and start to the 2012-2013 school year such a success.

Check out a few more pictures from MSMS last week below.


Parents please note our Back to School Nights have been scheduled:

Grade 6 – Tuesday, September 18th, 7pm

Grade 7 – Wednesday, September 19th, 7pm

Grade 8 – Monday, September 24th, 7pm
That evening will give you a chance to see all the changes at Marshall Simonds Middle School.

   From The Pine Glen Principal’s Blog:
Hero Assembly 2012

Today (9/11/112) we had our Hero’s Assembly at Pine Glen Elementary School.  On this day we say thank you to the police officers and firefighters in our community that help keep us safe.  We also say thank you to the brave men and women in our military forces that keep us safe.  In addition, we remember Lieutenant Commander Thomas McGuinness, an F-14 Fighter Pilot and alumni of Pine Glen Elementary School.  Thomas left our Pine Glen Community on September 11, 2001 when he was acting as the co-pilot of Flight 11. 
In the first picture above is our music teacher, Mrs. Agati, who can been seen directing students in the musical performances.  Other pictures include students holding flags of the different military branches (Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Cost Guard), students sitting at the assembly, and Burlington Public Safety Officials.  

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