BHS Sophomore Nikkhil Thakkar Starts Alcohol Ed. Program

A 15-year old sophomore at Burlington High School, Nikhil Thakkar has taken what he has learned in the classroom and used it to create something truly unique. Inspired by eclectic sources, such as Mrs. Doughty’s health class, he has founded his own free Alcohol Education Program, S.A.F.E (Staying Alcohol Free Education). His program is targeted at middle school students, high school students, and parents who want to learn about the ills of alcohol.  

Also inspired by Mrs. Dacey, Nikhil combined his love for Spanish with his love for helping people and has made this a bilingual program. He can offer his his presentation in English, Spanish or both, depending on his audience. Nikhil’s presentation includes interactive activities and stimulating discussions which keep students engaged and motivated to learn about the effects of alcohol

The activities and discussions center on drinking and its effects, having fun without drinking, and resisting peer pressure. His most recent presentations have been at the middle schools and high school in the Haverhill Public Schools, however he has invitation to present other schools, library, and conferences. Nikhil’s hope is to expand his program and present it in as many venues as possible. Administrators, superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, or people who would like him to present may contact him (see contact information below). Visit his blog (see address below) to learn more about his program, past presentations, and schedule of upcoming presentations. Feel free to leave a comment there. Nikhil explains more about his program in the accompanying video interview.

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