My Day At Fox Hill

Camera Roll-113

One of the fun parts of my new position this year has been the opportunity to visit all of the other schools in Burlington.  Each time I have the chance to see what students and teachers are up to I am left with an extremely positive feeling. It is so great to be able to see all of the wonderful things happening across the district!  In fact, I have set a goal for the remainder of the school year to try to spend a full day in an elementary school each week.

This past week, I spent a day at Fox Hill and had the opportunity to sit in with a number of classes. Check out some of the pictures below. Thanks to Principal Johnson and the staff and students for their warm welcome!

Camera Roll-109
Students working on “sight words” in Kindergarten
Camera Roll-111
Student working on the egg drop in science class.

Camera Roll-110
Students making their Rainbow Fishes

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