MCAS Student Growth Scores Across All of our Burlington Schools

Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System
  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following my post on the misleading nature of the MCAS rankings, a blog commenter noticed that the three growth scores I referenced were are three highest areas of growth for Burlington in 2013. While that was true, I am happy to share all of our district growth scores from 2013 in the table below. The range between 40-60 is considered moderate growth and anything below 40 is considered low growth.

We can report that all of our grade levels where growth is measured scored in the moderate range or higher. While we will review a number of different points at our annual MCAS Review at an October School Committee Meeting, I didn’t want it to appear that we were holding anything back. For those who are interested in digging deeper prior to our meeting, the DESE has a lot of data from our 2013 MCAS results available on its website. Here is the link to the Burlington section.
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