Connected Educator Profile (Day 4) – Scot Wright – Ore City, Texas

The United State Department of Education has declared the month of October Connected Educator Month. According to,  the website set up to support this event, the Mission of Connected Educator Month is to  promote educators learning and collaborating through online communities of practice and social networks.With this in mind I reached out to my Personal Learning Network (PLN) via Twitter, my favorite resource for connecting, and tweeted the following:
As is normally the case, my network came through! When I have a question on an educational topic or want some feedback for one of my crazy ideas, I have a network of amazing educators at my fingertips that never cease to amaze me. Being a “Connected Educator” is awesome!

Today’s Connected Educator Profile
Scot Wright, Ore City, Texas
High School Principal

Why do you choose to be a connected educator?

I’ve been exposed to so many different people from all over the world thru twitter. I’ve been able to learn so much more this way than I ever thought possible.

Where can other educators connect with you online? 

Twitter – @scot_wright


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