What Quality Learning Looks Like (For Educators and Students)

I read a great post by Shelley Blake-Plock today on edSurge titled How to Move PD Forward.  I think that the post was spot on in regards to what we need and what we don’t need in regards to Professional Development for educators. 

As I read through the post, the following two thoughts kept going through my head:

  1. I have come to dislike the words Professional Development. Why can’t we just call it learning? 
  2. I know this obvious, but the qualities that are prevalent in meaningful learning opportunities for adults are the same ones that are prevalent in meaningful learning opportunities for students. Why do we fail to see this so often?
Take the quote below from Shelley’s post and substitute the word learning in place of “professional development.”  

“The point of professional development should be in helping human beings–who in this case happen to be educators–become more fully engaged and connected with their peers…”

Of course the irony here is that if we do not create this type of learning for our educators, then we will not see the necessary shifts that also need to take place in student learning.

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