A Great Social Etiquette Lesson From Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon did a little experiment with former New York Yankee second baseman, Robinson Cano, who made his return to New York this week after signing with the Seattle Mariners as a free agent. Fallon asked people on the street whether or not they would boo Cano if they had the opportunity and then had them take out their emotions on a cardboard picture of Cano.  Then came the big surprise as Cano walked out from behind his picture.

The results are quite funny as the formerly agitated Yankee fans change their stripes quickly when Cano appears in front of them.  As I was laughing at the bit, I was also thinking what a great reminder this is not to say something about someone behind their back or online that I would not want to say to their face.  I know that I have had instances where I have gone overboard talking about someone out of their earshot or sent an angry e-mail in the heat of the moment.  I also know that I have had much better success in mending fences when I have sought someone out in person.

Make sure you check out the clip below four-minute clip below and see what your take-aways are.

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