MSMS Summer Photo Camp "focuses’ on Woburn Center!

Despite the fact that most students are away from our classrooms this summer, there are still a number of activities happening around the school district this summer! Check out the great photos that our Marshall Simonds Summer Photo Camp students took after just one day of camp!
I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

After only ONE day of camera and Photoshop orientation in the classroom, MSMS students, taking part in our Summer Photo Camp, took to the streets of Woburn Center to shoot street photography images.  Who knew there were so many salons and barbershops in downtown Woburn?  The friendliness of barbers made it easy for students to interact with them and their patrons and students were invited inside to do some “shooting.” 
Additionally, folks walking around running errands made for excellent photo subjects.  After an hour walking up and down the center streets, students returned to the classroom to begin the typical workflow: upload photos, save to desktop folder, preview, select favorites, tweak lighting in Photoshop and/or desaturate, print, email and then format SD card for use the next day!  
Today’s blog post features students’ favorite works in black and white.

Neil P’s Couple Walking (grade 8)

Pandit's Old Couple

Madison G’s Getting a Trim (grade 7)


Sarah S’s Barbershop (grade 7)

Sarah's barber

Julia F’s  Dog Walker (grade 9)


Abby F’s Snip, Snip, Snip (grade 7)


Aurora G’s Vintage Cash Register (grade 7)

Vintage typewriter Golden

Jordan C’s Barber Shop Register (grade 9)


David S’s Waiting for Customers (grade 6)

barber shop David S

Christina P’s Barber Pole  (grade 7)

paras barber pole

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