The Most Important Story In Our Country This This Week is #Ferguson…#LeadershipDay14

I am most appreciative of Scott McLeod’s annual call for leaders to discuss what it means “to prepare students for the digital, global world in which we now live.” I thoroughly enjoy scrolling through the wonderful posts under the hashtag #LeadershipDay2014 on Twitter to see all of the great ideas being shared by school leaders across the globe.

This week, however, I am a bit distracted by the horrible news coming out of Ferguson, Missouri and in spite of the sickness I feel in the pit of my stomach over the actions of those in law enforcement, I feel fortunate to live in a time where are there are forms of media that allow the public to see firsthand accounts of those in the middle of such events. We have the ability to look beyond press releases and the sometimes misleading accounts of those in authority and push action and accountability if we so choose. 

So for my #LeadershipDay2014 post, I will share some of the stories, headlines, and perspectives that have caught my attention from the unfortunate events in Ferguson.  It is important that ALL of our students know how to access and navigate the endless streams of news at their fingertips so that they can see all sides of a particular issue and build accurate representations of the truth.  

“(Mike Brown’s death) must remind us that we are nowhere near being the country we need to be for our citizens of color — and, therefore, for all of us.”   Chris Lehmann

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