Mrs. Fortunato Presents At Best Practices Conference In North Carolina

I had the good fortune of attending the RTI Best Practices Institute in Wrightsville Beach, NC with a team from Burlington.  It was great to hear some well-known RTI comsultants discuss Best Practice, but the highlight was listening to Burlington Math Coach Carrie Fortunato discuss all of the things happening in our Burlington Elementary Schools to make sure students are making progress developing their math skills. 
While the entire slideshow is above, I want to highlight a few of the key things that I took away from Mrs. Fortunato’s presentation. 
BPS Math Coach Carrie Fortunato
There is a lot more in the presentation that is work checking out, the key thing is that the work that Mrs. Fortunato has done along with our dedicated staff of classroom teachers and tutors has allowed us to ensure the development of strong foundational skills for all students.  This is due to the time an effort that has been given to make sure we all agree on the following three things:
  1. What we teach all students
  2. How we monitor the progress of all students
  3. What interventions we put in place when students are struggling
It is clear that people were impressed with the work that has been done in Burlington in the area of elementary math instruction!  We look forward to sharing more about this work in the future. Thanks also go to Dr. Scott Methe and his graduate students from UMass Boston for their consultation work that has supported our efforts.

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