Check out The Google Gooru – Burlington Blog Update (Edition 12)

The post below is actually a copy of a weekly e-mail that I send to our staff  to promote our Burlington Public Schools Blog which shares the great work going on across our school district. I also try to give a quick technology tip/resource that I think would be useful. It is the twelfth post in the series.

This week’s recommended Tech Resource

Check out

There continues to be good news from Google in regards to making things more seamless for people dealing with Microsoft Office files. I came across a great blog post from The Gooru, a phenomenal resource for learning how to better utilize Google apps. Here’s a bit from the post Edit Microsoft Office files in Gmail:

Even if you’re 100% Google, chances are you’re still going to interact with people who are working with Microsoft Office files rather than Google. Over the past year, Google has made a concerted effort to improve the interaction between Office files and Google Drive. That continues this week with three awesome updates to the relationship between Gmail, Google Drive and Microsoft Office.

The post then goes on to explain in detail three great updates from Google this week:

  1. Convert Office files to Google in one click
  2. 15 new supported Office formats
  3. Edit Office files with Google Office Editor

Burlington Blog Update 

It is hard to believe that one-third of the 2014-2015 school year is behind us. It is great to be able to share the great work from so many teachers and students daily on the Burlington Public Schools Blog. With so many great things happening daily, it is difficult catch them all so please feel free to e-mail me directly with anything you would like me to share on the BPS Blog. Due to the surplus of material, I even added a Bonus Post yesterday on our day without students.

In addition, I want to remind everyone that I am happy to create an original blog post if you would like to share something from you or a student. I am also happy to come by and visit during an activity and create a post.

Here are the last eight posts from the BPS Blog:

Only 118 posts to go…

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