BPS Evaluation Update – Uploading Evidence to TeachBoost

We are coming close to the midpoint (February 1) in the Educator Evaluation cycle for educators on a 1-year plan (all Non-PTS educators). This means that Non-PTS staff will be receiving their Formative Assessment Reports from their evaluators by February 1. At least two weeks (January 16) prior to this deadline, educators should provide their evaluators with evidence of the following:
  • evidence of family outreach and engagement
  • fulfillment of professional responsibility and growth
  • progress on attaining professional practice and student learning goals.

I have shared two workflow options for moving evidence of meeting the standards of the Massachusetts Model System for Educator Evaluation and one for uploading evidence of attaining professional practice and learning goals.  

Option 1 is a simpler workflow and also may be preferable since any changes that are made to the Google Drive document will be updated automatically if changes are made later after the initial upload to TeachBoost.

Option 2 is the workflow that should be utilized if you are uploading a file from your computer’s desktop or hard drive.

Evidence for goals upload is also a pretty simple workflow that allows you to grab evidence from Google Drive or from your computer. 

It is recommended that you continue to use Google Drive for organizing your evidence. Remember that you can save all file types to your drive and that your BPS account provides you unlimited storage.

Option 1 – Upload Evidence by sharing a link from Google Drive

Option 2 – Download from Drive first (and/or Upload from Laptop)

Evidence for goals upload

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