Is It The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

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The energy level in our schools is certainly at its peak as we enter the holiday season and and near our December vacation. While so many of our students are excited about the impending festivities of the holiday season, there are a number of students who do not see this as “the most wonderful time of the year.”  There are numerous reasons for students to feel a bit down about this time of year…

I was reminded of this while reading Patricia Polacco’s Welcome Comfort, a sweet story about a foster child who never had positive feelings about Christmas until he met a special member of his school’s staff. While we cannot replicate the wonder of Comfort’s experience in the story, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to provide support for our students when they need it most.

With this in mind,  please look out for those students who are acting up or melting down during “the most wonderful time of the year.” The fact of the matter is that for many of these students school is the most stable environment they have in their lives and the thought of being away for a “vacation” is not a vacation at all.

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