Three for Thursday (Volume 2)

This post originally appeared on my EdWeek Blog

Previously, I posted Three for Thursday (Volume 1), a weekly series that will highlight three web-based resources that are popular with educators.  Before I share this week’s edition, I want to draw your attention to some thoughts on organizing all of these resources which I posted yesterday.  Finally, I will organize all of these Three for Thursday resources in my Diigo bookmarks by tagging them ThreeforThursday.
Here are this week’s three shares:
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.26.36 AM.png
My first resource is George Couros’ great blog, The Principal of Change.  George is  Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning with Parkland School Division in in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada. While I admit George is a good friend, I also admit that his blog is one of a few that I am sure to read daily. Whether you are a classroom teacher or a school or district leader, George will push your thinking on education and what is truly best for students.
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.26.46 AM.png
My second share is Common Sense Media’s great Graphite website.  Graphite is a free platform that highlights the latest digital resources for schools. The resources are reviewed by educators who also share insights on how teachers can integrate these tools in their classrooms.  Graphite also contains over 1,000 technology-infused lesson plans developed by educators. Before you leave the Graphite website be sure to also subscribe to the Graphite Blog which publishes daily posts from educators on countless topics surrounding best practices for integrating technology in a meaningful way.
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.37.27 AM.png
My final share this week comes from Lisa Monthie, a Technology PD Specialist in Waco, Texas.
“I subscribe to this site and receive a weekly email, Lisa shared. “The ideas and featured sites are resources I share and use almost immediately!”  
Thanks for the share Lisa! I hope that other educators will share their favorite resources for future Three for Thursday posts! Please add your favorite digital resources here

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