Three for Thursday (Volume 3)

Last week I posted Three for Thursday (Volume 2), a weekly series that will highlight three web-based resources that are popular with educators. Before I share this week’s edition, I want to remind you to share your resources for future Three for Thursdays by sharing them with me here. Finally, I am organizing all of these weekly Three for Thursday resources in my Diigo bookmarks by tagging them ThreeforThursday. 
Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.01.35 PM.png
My first share this week is the Connecting Creativity Series which I became aware of after a tweet from some Iowa educators, Erin Olson and Leslie Pralle Keehn. This monthly series of learning quests is something that was created to assist teachers in the creation of technology-infused lessons in which “students create/design, students write, and students publish.”  This series was first launched last year and it is back with even more creative ideas in 2015/2016.  
Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.52.52 PM.png
For my second share of the week, I will slide over from Iowa to neighboring Nebraska for Monica Evon’s great blog, iPaddling through Fourth Grade. The post that caught my attention was one Monica’s shared a couple of weeks ago titled Free Apps and Sites that Support Literacy. That post alone was full of resources worth checking out, but I encourage the elementary educators out there to follow Monica’s posts all year long.
  Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.53.48 PM.png
My final share of the week is a shout-out to fellow Massachusetts educator Abbey Dick.  Abbey is a high school English teacher at Malden High School and she shares a weekly post on her blog More Core ELA which highlights her experiences teaching high school English. It is a great blog for English teachers who like to reflect on their practice to follow.  

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