Escape from Central Office – A Fun Visit To Fox Hill

There are always things to catch up on in Central Office, but the part of the day where students and staff are doing exciting things in our classrooms across the district is limited. With this in mind, Susan Astone (our District RTI Administrator) and I have made a commitment to get out into our schools more often. Yesterday we had the chance to spend time in classrooms at Pine Glen Elementary and today we spent a portion of our morning at Fox Hill Elementary.

Check out some of what we saw below:

The kindergarten classrooms were bustling with activity as students looked at words associated with apples. We could not believe these students were just kindergartners a few weeks into school!

Ms. Levesque’s kindergartners were enjoying pajama day that they earned due to their great behavior.
We also were thrilled to see so many students enjoying reading from books. Mrs. Nolte’s class was very comfortable cozying up with their books and taking notes based on Mrs. Nolte’s guidelines below on the yellow chart paper.
More students enjoying some quality reading time.
We also got to see some impressive student working on self-portraits. 
Thanks to Mrs. Johnson and her staff for always having an open door for visitors from Central Office. We will back soon!

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