Less Testing! What A Great Idea! Burlington Blog Update (Volume 3)

As we near the quarter pole in the school year, I wanted to share some news that I thought would be of interest. Did you catch the news from Washington that President Obama plans to limit standardized testing for students? Here’s an excerpt from the USA Today:

“The White House said Saturday the proliferation of testing in the United States — a problem the administration acknowledged it has played a role in — has taken away too much valuable time that could be better spent on learning, teaching and fostering creativity in schools. To curb excessive testing, Obama recommended limiting standardized exams to no more than 2% of a student’s instructional time in the classroom.”

Sounds like a good plan!  Where do we sign up?

Anyway, here are the latest posts from the Burlington Blog:

Day 30 – A Peek from the Last TWO Weeks – Mrs. Warford – Memorial School Grade 4

Only 140 more to go…

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