New Keys to Literacy Blog and a Post on Behavior – BPS Blog Update (Volume 7)

It’s hard to believe that we are under 60 days left in the school year. Before a rundown of the most recent posts on the BPS blog, I wanted to share two things. First, I wanted to pass along the new Keys to Literacy (KTL) Blog that has been started as a resource to help with our implementation of Keys to Literacy in the middle and high school. The Keys in Burlington Blog will feature posts from the KTL Coaches as well as links to resources and student work. 

For elementary staff, I wanted to pass along a blog post that Director of Special Education Louise D’Amato passed along recently. The post – Why Ignoring May Backfire: Positive Alternatives for Disruptive Behavior – was written by Jessica Minahan who has consulted with some staff in the district. Here is a brief excerpt from the article that counters what we have been taught to do in order to deal with some disruptive students.

“…we’ve been taught when a student wants attention and we give it to them, we might be reinforcing the behavior. But it is not that simple. When a student a student seeks attention in disruptive ways, it may be due to underlying distress or uncomfortable feelings, such as anxiety. Ignoring the behavior can increase anxiety or discomfort and subsequently increase the student’s behavior.”

Please continue to share posts with me via e-mail if you have something that you would like to see shared as the daily post!
Day 96 – First Grade Book Reviews – Mr. Murphy – Fox Hill Library/Media Specialist

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