Planning For A New Year

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Ringing in the New Year provides an opportunity for a revision to the game plan. What should we start doing more often? What should we start doing less often? Many people will set resolutions that they will fail within a short period of time. Having been a victim of this myself numerous times, I tend to stay away from resolutions.  A post on LifeHack by Daniel Wallen, 10 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail, highlights the reasons most resolutions don’t stick.

I read three other recent posts about how individuals attempt to set themselves up for success in the New Year:

  1. 4 Ways To Make 2018 The Best Year Of Your Life – Dan Rockwell’s Leadership Freak Blog
  2. 4-Hour Work Week Author Tim Ferriss Is Convinced New Year’s Resolutions Are A Waste of Time –  Richard Feloni on Business Insider
  3. My Three Words for 2018 – Chris Brogan

My personal approach for the year is to set three specific areas to work on improving and to track my results by reflecting daily. I think it is important to track progress daily and to measure my progress weekly and monthly in the areas in which I am looking to improve.  If I miss the mark for a day or a week, I will revise my gameplan in order to get back on track.

I know that my success in achieving my goals will be dependent on my ability to manage my time effectively.  This post from Tim Denning, You’re Wasting Your Spare Time and It’s Killing Your Success, really summed up the excuse of too little time nicely.

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