Good to Great – A Resource That Keeps Giving

About 15 years ago, during my first year as a Principal, my superintendent had our administrative team read Good to Great by Jim Collins. I still recall some of the quotes from that book, especially the first sentence which hooked me in right away, “Good is the enemy of great.” Two sentences later, I was hooked when I read, “We don’t have great schools, principally because we have good schools.”

Jim Collins on the Tim Ferriss Podcast

I was thrilled last week to have the opportunity to listen to Jim Collins on the Tim Ferriss podcast. The discussion on how Collins tracks his creative time over the course of the year was very interesting. He strives to have a minimum of 1,000 creative hours and defines creative time as “any activity that has a reasonable direct link to a creation that is new or durable.”

There are so many great takeaways from this conversation, I encourage you to spend some time listening to it. There are some references to some other great leadership pieces, like Jim Collins’ foreword of one of Peter Drucker’s books – 10 lessons I learned from Peter Drucker. Collins also shared a challenge from Drucker that drives him: “How do you make our society more productive and more humane?”

A new release from Collins

Finally, I was thrilled to learn that Jim Collins had a new release coming out this week. Turning the Flywheel: A Monograph to Accompany Good to Great is now available. If you want a short taste of what this monograph is about, check out Collins’ short article The Flywheel Effect. 

For those of you who read Good to Great, this is a deeper dive into the Flywheel that was discussed in Chapter 8. “Sustainable transformations follow a predictable pattern of buildup and breakthrough. Like the pushing on a giant, heavy flywheel…with persistent pushing in a consistent direction…the flywheel builds momentum, eventually hitting a point of breakthrough.” Turning the Flywheel is being promoted as a guide to help organizations create their own flywheels.

I look forward to getting my copy of Turning the Flywheel today. Book study anyone?

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