Adrenaline Will Only Get Us So Far…

As a big fan of Brené Brown, I have added her new podcast to my podcast subscription list. Her episode from last Friday is really a must-listen for all of us. The title is Comparative Suffering, the 50/50 Myth, and Settling the Ball.

My major takeaway were surrounding her comments about what is coming in the days ahead. One of the things that is helping so many of us stay productive at this point is the adrenaline surge that we get at the beginning of a crisis, but the problem is that we cannot run on this adrenaline indefinitely and this crisis is not ending soon. With this in mind, We need to prepare for the wall that we are running towards so we can all cushion the impact.

We need a plan for the days ahead

I know this may be oversimplified for some, but we need to make sure that we sleep well, eat well, and move our bodies every day. The second part of the plan is empathy and we need to start with ourselves. Brown emphasized the importance of allowing ourselves to feel and not to compare our suffering to others. If we push aside our own feelings they will just increase and become larger. In addition to leaning into our own feelings, we need to allow our children to see us feel so that they will be comfortable sharing theirs as well.

Anyway, just some thoughts I am trying to keep at the forefront in the days ahead…

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