When We Know Better…

A while back I wrote a post titled For My Children, Seeing All Sides which talked about the importance of supporting students to be able to deal with the barrage of information coming at them through various forms of media so that they are able to weed out the endless disinformation that is being spread.

Where do you go to find information that you feel is believable? Why do you think that these sources are reliable? Is it just because you tend to find things that support what you already thought?

As I reflect on many of the conversations from this past week’s Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents’ Annual Executive Institute, disinformation is also plaguing adults as school leaders are spending increasing amounts of time talking about Critical Race Theory and ensuring parents that it is not something being taught in schools. In fact the Massachusetts Association of School Committees tried to limit the concerns some parents have by putting out a short document pointing out what Critical Race Theory is and that it is not part of our curriculum frameworks in the state.

The fact of the matter is that it is our job is to teach kids to think critically not to teach them what to think. Attempts to limit the truth that we can share concerning the atrocities of our country’s past will only ensure that they continue.

Why would we endorse this?

We need to support our students as they read all of the sides and think for themselves…

This way, they will be able to affirm the wonderful words of Maya Angelou which highlight that “when you know better, (you) do better.”

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