BEF Grant Brings More "Stability" To Learning In Mrs. Olshaw’s Classroom

Mrs. Olshaw’s classroom at Memorial School was recently awarded a grant from the Burlington Education Foundation to purchase Stability Balls for the classroom as a replacement for traditional chairs.

The grant proposal which was created by Mrs. Olshaw and her students had the following goal:
Our goal is to supply each child in the classroom with a stability ball. The use of Stability Balls in the classroom is not a new phenomenon, they are a proven to be a successful tool for decreasing out-of-seat behavior while increasing achievement, engagement, and focus in the classroom. Stability balls also provide a health benefit as well. As posture improves from working the core muscles, calories are burned with the constant movement by the body’s natural kinesthetic energy .

The students in Mrs. Olshaw’s classroom have noticed a difference already and feel that they are more productive in their new “seats.” 

Check out a few more pictures of some of the students below. For more on stability balls in the classroom, check out this link from LiveStrong.

From the Burlington Education Foundation: Dream Big

Dream Big and Make a Difference !!!
The Burlington Education Foundation is pleased to accept applications for the:
201415 Annual Grant Cycle
Application Submission deadline: December 14, 2014
Award Notification date: February 13, 2015
Dream Big !!!
What would you do if money were no object?
What new idea do you have that can make curriculum come to life?
What would make the very best project, even if it costs more than you thought?
Imagine how you can make a difference in a classroom, grade level, school or all of BPS!
The Burlington Education Foundation (BEF) is a non-profit organization supporting educational excellence in Burlington Public Schools. Our mission is to channel donations from businesses and individuals to provide Burlington educators with an additional source of funding for creative ideas that demonstrate innovation, collaboration, and have apotentially broad impact upon students and the school district.
Make a Difference !!!
Download the Grant Application and Instructions from
Review the mission of the BEF and what it funds.
Submit a grant application for your innovative idea
All applications can be emailed directly to (or submitted in hard copy to your school office)
Grants are not intended to replace or relieve the existing responsibility of the school system, nor are they intended to
substitute for items included in the regular school budget such as substitute teachers, textbooks, instructional equipment, classroom supplies, organizational equipment, capital improvements, and on-going curriculum or staff development normally sponsored by the School Department.
Questions or require additional informaton – contact Suzanne Gaudio, Grant Committee Chairperson sgaudio@comcast.net781-775-6652