Staff and Students At Pine Glen Are Building Community By Filling Buckets

From The Pine Glen Principal’s Blog:

Check out the letter below from Pine Glen School Psychologist Lee Garneau explaining this great program that was made possible through a grant from the Burlington Education Foundation.

We’re Filling Buckets!
September 10, 2012
Dear Families,

I hope you had a wonderful summer and are rested and ready for the new
school year.

At the end of the last year I was awarded a Burlington Education Foundation
grant as well as supplemental money from the Pine Glen PTO to implement a
school wide positive behavior program. The “We’re Filling Buckets!” program has
been designed to foster a greater sense of community. By utilizing the theme
from Carol McCloud’s book, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”, students and
staff will spend the year recognizing positive behaviors towards themselves and
others. My intention is enhance our school community environment by
highlighting good citizenship behaviors.

For those of you who have not yet read
the book (I encourage you to do so, if you have the opportunity), Bucket
Filling is a simple concept… “Everyone in the whole wide world walks around
carrying an invisible bucket…Its purpose is to hold your good thoughts and
feelings about yourself.” Our buckets are filled when we show acts of kindness
and respect towards one another. I have visited each classroom this year and
explained this new program to the students and they have all listed many ways
we can practice being good bucket fillers.
If you would like to
learn more about bucket filling, visit the Bucket Fillers website,

Small buckets have been provided to each classroom and staff have been asked
to present small recognition slips to students who exemplify behaviors
consistent with good citizenship/filling buckets. I will be going around to
each classroom collecting the bucket slips on a consistent basis and creating a
visual representation by the front entrance of all the buckets we fill at Pine
Glen. The students are working to beat my goal of filling 1,000 buckets this
year. The program will culminate with a special school wide presentation in

I have also created a blog this year to document our bucket filling at Pine
Glen as well as serve as a resource for our families with information about
relevant mental health topics, school/community events, etc. Please take a
moment to check it out at

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look
forward to working with the students again and hope we fill many buckets this
Lea Garneau,
M.Ed., Ed.S., NCSP
Pine Glen
Elementary School
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