This Week’s Parent- Teacher Chat – Education in the Eye of the Presidential Candidates w/ Nikhil Goyal

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This Wednesday night at 9PM EDT/6PM PST, we’ll be talking politics and the future of U.S. Education on #PTchat (Parent-Teacher Chat). Nikhil Goyal (@nikhilgoya_l), a 17 year-old student and author of One Size Does Not Fit All: A Student’s Assessment of School will answer questions and offer ideas during our chat according to his lens as a student attending today’s schools. 

During the chat, we’ll discuss current local and national education policies in place, as well as any future plans and ideas our Presidential candidates plan to implement. Greg Toppo (@gtoppo) of USA Today recently wrote an article on the differing views on education our candidate possess. 

With the final Presidential debate in the books, Wednesday’s timely chat promises to be lively and full of perspectives from all areas of education. We encourage you to send sample questions for Nikhil to by Tuesday, 10/23/12 5PM. 

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This Week’ #PTchat – Creating an Educational Climate in the Home

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Parents are the driving force behind their child’s education.  The partnership between the home and school is important in the social and educational development of the child.  As a teacher, I am usually asked the question “How can I help my child?” “How can I assist with

the educational process at home so my child can be more successful in school?” 

Many times I have these discussions when a child is already in danger of failing.  Although
parents have their child’s best interest at heart, they sometimes have difficulty understanding the resources their child needs at home.  Members of the school have the responsibility to provide families with tools and resources so that parents may successfully assist in their child’s education at

Join us this Wednesday, October 3rd at 9pm EDT/6pm PST on #PTChat as we share experiences and tools families need in order to Create an Educational Climate in the Home.  
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Don’t Miss This Week’s #PTchat! Parents & Teachers Discuss Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety

We have certainly had many conversations about how we are supporting our students and parents in regards to citizenship and responsibility in the digital age. While our move to a 1:1 high school where every students has an iPad has brought a great deal of positive feedback, there have also been parents who have raised concerns about the increased access to the world wide web that their students now have.

As you can imagine, the questions and concerns that we are dealing with here in Burlington are the same ones that are being discussed in communities throughout our country (and beyond).  This Wednesday night you have the chance to collaborate with parents and teachers from all over the map on this subject.  Check out the blog post below from eFaceToday for more information:

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Guest post by #PTchat moderator and New Jersey teacher Dana Sirotiak (@sirotiak02)

As we prepare our students and children for the 21st Century, there is a certain responsibility required when educating students on how to practice safe and responsible usage of online information.  The positives of technology integration include collaboration and increased productivity, but in order for students to demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning, we must instill practices when preparing students for appropriate Internet usage.  

Join us this Wednesday, September 12th at 9pm EDT/6pm PST as we discuss what it means to be a digital citizen and how teachers and parents can develop a partnership to facilitate Internet safety both in school and in the home.  All #PTchat archives/resource gDOCs can be found here
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