A Great Opportunity for Schools to Support Digital Citizenship – The Digital Citizenship Summit

My most recent post on my Education Week Blog discussed the importance of school leaders setting the tone in their schools surrounding the topic of online safety by ensuring that there is adequate training for staff and students.  Whether there is widespread use of technological resources in your school or not, the fact of the matter is that your students are spending a great deal of time online interacting with people they know well and people they do not know at all.  The one thing that makes all of our communities similar is that most parents are lagging well behind in their knowledge of just what their kids are up to online. Further complicating matters is the fact that most parents have no idea how to best support and monitor their children in their online endeavors.

While there are amazing learning opportunities to be had through building an online network, there are also pitfalls for those who do not navigate safely.  With this in mind, some thoughtful educators here in the Northeast have created the first Digital Citizenship Summit which will take place October 3, 2015 at University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford, CT. The Summit’s clearly articulates the who would benefit from attending this event:

We are bringing together educators, parents, administrators, students, organization leaders, and industry–all of the stakeholders focused on improving tech use. 

We are pleased to have a strong Burlington presence in this event with BHS senior Timmy Sullivan and BHS Mobile Learning Coach Jenn Scheffer joining a group of national experts on this impressive schedule.

Please consider attending this important event, encourage your school administrative team to do the same, and discover how you can become part of leading digital change in your school district. Tickets are $50 ($15 for students) and the price of admission includes a light breakfast and lunch. Tickets make be purchased at tickets.usj.edu. More details about the Summit can be found at digcitsummit.com.

Connected Educator Profile (Day 22) – Jenn Scheffer – Burlington, MA

Connected The United State Department of Education has declared the month of October Connected Educator Month. According to ConnectedEducators.org,  the website set up to support this event, the Mission of Connected Educator Month is to  promote educators learning and collaborating through online communities of practice and social networks.With this in mind I reached out to my Personal Learning Network (PLN) via Twitter, my favorite resource for connecting, and tweeted the following:

As is normally the case, my network came through! When I have a question on an educational topic or want some feedback for one of my crazy ideas, I have a network of amazing educators at my fingertips that never cease to amaze me. Being a “Connected Educator” is awesome!

Today’s Connected Educator Profile

Jenn Scheffer

Burlington, MA

Instructional Technology

Why do you choose to be a connected educator? 

Model for my students how to be responsible digital citizens & how to build a PLN. Being a connected educator helped me get my current position. 

Where can other educators connect with you online? 

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