Checking Out Some Art Work In Our Middle School

As I have mentioned before, one of the favorite aspects of my job is getting into classrooms and seeing some of the neat work that students are doing. One thing I wanted to share today comes from Ms. Phillips’ Art Students. The two pictures below are from a sixth grader who was working in photoshop with a drawing she had originally done on paper (shown immediately below).
My Photo Stream-999

Then on the enhancement (shown below), the student took a background from a a real image and put it as the background on her drawing.

My Photo Stream-998

The second neat thing I took away from Ms. Phillips’ students was their use of Quick Response (QR) codes on their artwork. If you are not yet familiar with QR codes, you can see one on the leg of the football player on the right side of the picture below and another on the right-bottom corner of the image at the bottom of this post. Scanning these QR Codes brings viewers of these pieces to the blog of the artist where you can read their reflections on their work.

My Photo Stream-999
My Photo Stream-996

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