Supporting Healthy Social Media Habits

This past Saturday at our third annual Parent University, I was fortunate to lead a short session on how parents can help support their kids in the development of healthy social media habits.  During the session, I shared some of the ways I have monitored my 12-year old daughter’s use of her newly acquired iPhone […]

Two Great Social Media Resources for Parents

Instagram has put together a great resource for parents who would like to learn more about its ultra-popular app and also keep up with what their kids are up to with this social media tool.  Know How To Talk With Your Teen About Instagram: A Parent’s Guide is available both as a PDF and in a […]

The Sometimes Misleading Nature of Social Media

Most of what we see on social media offers only one perspective.  One topic that continues to resonate with me following ISTE 2017 surrounds the misleading nature of social media feeds.  What we see in the posts of those who we friend or follow are typically the highlights of their lives.  People tend not to share […]

Our Students Can’t Be "Quiet" on Social Media in School

This post originally appeared on my EdWeek Blog With summer here, as well as a less hectic schedule, it is a great opportunity to catch up and revisit some of the great education-related books  out there. My first read is a quick revisit of “Quiet” by Susan Cain, a must-read for any educator who has […]

Educators Shouldn’t Act Differently On Social Media

This post originally appeared on my EdWeek Blog As someone who is a big proponent of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. as tools to communicate, connect, and learn, I often get asked about the downside of social media use for educators.  My honest answer is that I really don’t see a downside for educators in using […]

Social Media Shouldn’t Be an Impediment for Superintendents

This post originally appeared on my Education Week Blog A blog post on Edweek’s District Dossier Blog cited the fact that a recent survey by the American Association of School Administrators (The Superintendent’s Association) found that the majority of superintendents surveyed feel that social media is an impediment to their job. As I thought about these results, […]

What Do You Do When You See Inappropriate Social Media Posts By High School Students? (My Top Post from 2015)

This post from January of 2015 was far and away my top post from last year with twice as many views as post #2. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of social media as a tool for learning. In order to stay on top of the various conversations that I like to follow, […]

Top Five Reasons to Jump Into a Twitter Chat

This post first appeared on my EdWeek BlogSchool leaders are always looking for quality professional learning opportunities for themselves and their teachers. For me, there is still nothing better than participating in an hour Twitter chat.  Dedicating some time to show staff where they can connect with colleagues from around the globe who have similar […]

Are You a 21st Century Communicator?

This post originally appeared on my EdWeek Blog As school and district leaders prepare for the 2015-16 school year, one of the most important things they can do is create a comprehensive communication plan that utilizes various social media tools to keep stakeholders in the loop. Taking advantage of all of the technological tools that […]

Words of Wisdom For Educators On Social Media And Our Students

I have been a longtime proponent of the use of social media by students and educators and I have written a little bit about this in the last few months with a post titled What Do You Do When You See Inappropriate Social Media Posts By Students?  As I was scanning my Twitter stream tonight, […]