October Principal Leadership Article On Technology Integration

Photo via NASSP.org

The October issue of Principal Leadership arrived in the mail this week and it featured a Question and Answer article with the 2012 NASSP Digital Principal Award Winners.  Thanks to NASSP for allowing an opportunity to share some of the wonderful things happening in Burlington.  My two biggest takeaways from this are:

  1. I am extremely fortunate to work in a place that supports the integration of technology into our schools.
  2. Building a personal learning network (PLN) has been and continues to be the most amazing learning experience. I owe endless gratitude to my PLN for making supporting my learning and helping me have experiences I never dreamed possible.
By the way, while bullet number-one above may depend on where you work, bullet number-two is available to anyone who wants to take advantage of the amazing resources that are available to all learners. 
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