A Great Website From Ms. Gould’s AP Psychology Students

I received an e-mail this week from Shannon Murray, a senior in Ms. Gould’s AP Psychology class.  Here’s an excerpt from the e-mail:

As part of our final course project this year, my AP Psychology class has constructed a website intended to help adolescents in Burlington (and hopefully beyond) through mental health situations that students this age typically face. We were hoping that you would have an opportunity to post the following blog post that we have constructed on your blog at some point in order to help us publicize this website to other educators?

Since I am always proud to share the great work of our Burlington staff and students, please see the check out the Helping Hands Website that Shannon and her classmates created!

The website offers help and guidance to cope with these challenges, which include, for example, bullying, body image, relationships, drugs and alcohol, and other social/emotional issues.  

The students in Mrs. Gould’s class understand how hard it is to find information about possible difficulties or struggles that high schoolers can face.  As a result they attempted to only use the most helpful and trusted resources in the Helping Hands website.  Students from AP Psychology hope that students will find this website to be very useful.

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