Our Newest Blog And Other Ways To Follow Burlington Public Schools

We are excited to announce the creation of our district’s newest blog – Burlington Public Schools Blog. The word “Blog” in the title is actually used as a verb to represent all of the active bloggers throughout our school district. This space will be utilized to share a blog post daily from one of our staff or student bloggers.

Here are a few other ways you can follow our district’s learning journey:

Our new district Instagram account – We will routinely post photos from around the district here.

Our new district Twitter Account – @BurlMASchools – While many of our staff and administrators have been on Twitter for quite some time, we have not had a general account for the district aside from @BPSAlerts, which we reserve for emergencies, and @BPSEdtech, the Twitter account of our EdTech Team.

Finally, we don’t want to forget our District’s Facebook Page which is another great way to stay on top of the happenings in our school district.

Let us know if there are any other social media resources that you would like to see Burlington Public Schools access to share information!

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