The Best Of This Week’s Burlington Public Schools Weekly Twitter Paper – January 13

Below are three of the top stories from our #BPSCHAT Twitter Paper from the past week along with a brief quite from each. Be sure to peruse the paper and check out all the other great resources that were shared.
Five Demands Placed On Students in A 1:1 – By Shawn McCusker

“Listening is a bigger part of the 1:1 teachers day than it used to be. It can take a while before students see the value in these explanations.  Many students still see school simplistically: Get assignment, complete assignment, turn in assignment.  Eventually classes begin to enjoy hearing how people did their work.  this is especially true when we are sharing projects.  Selfishly this change makes class more exciting for me too.  I constantly learn new tricks and tips to share in the future.”

The Procedure and how it’s harming education  – By Marion Brady (on The Answer Sheet)

“Here’s a fact: Information overload is just one of about two-dozen serious problems directly or indirectly connected to our 19th Century core curriculum. Sadly, no, tragically, instead of rethinking that curriculum, starting with its fundamental premises and assumptions, reformers have considered it so nearly perfect they’re determined to force it on every kid in America.”

How To Lift Schools and Colleges Out of Academic Failure By Larry Cuban 

“Over forty years ago, Seymour Sarason pointed out how creating something new was not as easy as it looked; it is incredibly complex, borrows extensively from the traditional, and often fails. Few reformers then and now heeded his insights into creating a new setting.”{id: ‘200dfe38-91fb-44ef-9675-ff7cb99e15e3’, width: 500, height: 480, background: ‘#ECECEC’, borderColor: ‘#DDDDDD’})

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