Parenting In The Digital Age Presentation

BHS Instructional Technology Specialist Jennifer Scheffer co-presented with me this evening at our Parent Technology Night on the topic of Parenting in the Digital Age. We are sharing the presentation and links to resources that we discussed during the hour session below. We look forward to this ever-evolving conversation regarding the online lives of our students and how we can continue to support and educate parents in supporting their children.

The evening began with the great video below What Kids are (Really) Doing Online from


Links and Resources shared tonight

Parent Resources from the Burlington High School Student Help Desk

How To Follow Your Child (or Anyone) On Twitter Without Joining Twitter

Resources from Google’s “Good To Know” Guide to Staying Safe & Secure Online
Resources from Common Sense Media
Parent guides provided by
Resources from Facebook’s Family Safety Center
Resources from Joe Mazza- Lead Learner, Knapp Elementary School, Penn.
eFace Today-Joe’s parent centered blog
Resources from Edutopia
Transition Resources for Parents (elementary, middle, and high school transition advice)
The PBS Parents Page (Resources for Pre-K through high school)
Resources from parent, author, blogger, and speaker Will Richardson

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