Now The Fun Starts!

This post originally appeared on the Burlington Public Schools Evaluation Blog

It only took half of the school year, but we are finally ready to start focusing our evaluation discussions on best practices! While I know that these conversations take place frequently among teachers daily, the most exciting part of implementing a new teacher evaluation process is the opportunity to put mechanisms in place to amplify and focus the conversations surrounding best practices.  While we have talked about our hopes for a widespread discussion among BPS educators focused on the Great Eightthe reality is that the first half of the school year has been focused on increasing awareness of the process and supporting staff in the development of goals and learning about the technology that will be utilized to archive and share evidence.

However, with deadlines approaching for some staff to share evidence of meeting goals and standards with their evaluators, I am excited that staff members will have the opportunity to share the variety of ways that they meet and exceed the standards that are in place. Our first focal point will be evidence regarding the Family and Community Engagement standard (Standard 3).  Teachers without professional teacher status (non-PTS) will need to share 2-3 artifacts with their evaluator showing evidence of meeting this standard. Of course, they may share other pieces of evidence related to meeting any of the Great Eight and/or their goals, but the immediate focus will be on Standard 3. We also encourage teachers with professional teacher status to start archiving evidence as well, but the deadline for this is a few months away.

In order to support all staff in this process and to facilitate a conversation to share the numerous ways that BPS educators meet all of the standards, we will be dedicating our February 12th Professional Development time at the elementary level to this work. We will also be utilizing faculty meeting time at the middle and high school level to do similar activities. 

In the meantime, please check out the suggestions in the document below for some concrete examples of how educators can show evidence of meeting the Family and Community Engagement Standard. 


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