What is the value of homework?

One topic that has been coming up during the community forums about the potential of a later start time for Burlington High School next year is homework. With this in mind, I thought I would share a clip from last week’s Innovator’s Mindset episode with Alice Keeler.  Alice is a well-known math teacher and presenter from California who has changed her practice in regards to assigning homework to students.

In the clip, Alice also mentions John Hattie’s research on homework.  Hattie is the Director of the Melbourne Educational Research Institute. His research has gotten a lot of attention since the publication of his Visible Learning meta-study.  I encourage you to watch Alice’s entire interview from last week and also to delve into the research that Hattie has done on the topic of homework.

4 thoughts on “What is the value of homework?

    1. I actually shortened the 52 minute video to just over 4 minutes, so I am going to let that be my summary. Within the four minutes, Alice summarizes her insights into the research on homework by John Hattie.


  1. The Homework Myth by Alfie Kohn is also a great read in this area! I especially appreciate Alice’s tak on shifting our work from tracking homework to teaching! Thanks for sharing Patrick.


  2. Liz DeViti

    Sounds logical to me. I would think that students do need some time to practice their work at home (I believe either you or Dr. Conti referred to this -at the community forum for later HS start time on Thursday night – as “independent practice”) and 20 minutes per class per night sounds like it would give the students time to review class notes and do some additional studying or previewing of the next day’s lesson. But perhaps it depends on the subject.


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