Some Concrete Steps on the Path to Digital Leadership

This post originally appeared on my EdWeek Blog In my last post, I focused on the importance of school leaders being digital leaders and modeling best practices for their staff and students. While most school and district leaders agree about the need to utilize digital tools, they are often intimidated by the list of optionsContinue reading “Some Concrete Steps on the Path to Digital Leadership”

School Leaders Must Be Digital Leaders

This post originally appeared on my EdWeek Blog In my previous post, I discussed some of the ways school and district leaders could utilize digital tools to improve communication with their school communities. There is another level to this conversation regarding school administrators and the critical role they play as models for what is expectedContinue reading “School Leaders Must Be Digital Leaders”

BYOT and one-to-one initiatives are literacy initiatives

The following post was on the Smart Blog On Education earlier this week. As a school leader who recently sold my community on the importance of moving to a one-to-one environment where every student has access to a web-based device, I believe strongly that our students will be more literate than students in other schools who doContinue reading “BYOT and one-to-one initiatives are literacy initiatives”