How Little People Can Make A Big Difference – You Tube Video of the Week #2

The video below is a TEDx Talk done by 9-year old Charlie Cooper from Cairns, Australia.  The talk, which is just under five minutes, certainly lives up to it’s name as Charlie shares his amazing idea which could certainly benefit schoolchildren across the world.

Schools That Work for Kids – A TEDx Talk by Eric Sheninger

There are so many great TED Talks on the topic of education out there, I thought that I would start a weekly series highlighting one. This week I would like to highlight Eric Sheninger’s TEDx Talk from TEDxBurnsvilleED which was just published this week.

Check it out and see if you share Eric’s feelings on what our public schools are like and what we need to do to alter this.  I am also excited to see that Eric will be a keynote speaker at Leading Future Learning at Holy Cross in Worcester in March.

Education Leadership: Will Richardson’s TEDX Talk

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I am always looking for entry points for our school community to engage in a meaningful discussion of our vision for students.  Will Richardson’s TEDx Talk from Melbourne, Australia (below) provides a clear description of where we need to be headed.

All schools need to answer the following question asked by Richardson:

What is the value of school when you don’t really need school to do school if we define school in the traditional sense?

Here are two key points from Richardson’s talk that get to the heart of this question:

  1. Learning is what our kids need to be doing in the classroom, not getting ready for assessment that were built for another time.
  2. (via Justin Reich) We pay so much attention to the measurable part of education that we miss the immeasurable part.creativity, perseverance, problem-solving are what are children need.

I would love to hear your thoughts after watching the video!

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