Raising Modern Learners, A Great New Site For Parents (and Educators)

I wanted to draw your attention to a new site for parents that talks about the evolving world that our children will inherit and how we can best support their learning endeavors to prepare them for their futures.  The site, Raising Modern Learners, was launched just over a week ago by Will Richardson and Bruce […]

Why School? Will Richardson Leads Us Towards Answers To This Critical Question

Why School? How Education Must Change When Learning and Information are Everywhere is mandatory reading for anyone who cares about the education of their children. It is the perfect jumping off point for anyone interested in beginning or continuing a conversation on the long overdue changes that our schools need to undergo in order to […]

Education Leadership: Will Richardson’s TEDX Talk

Originally posted on the Connected Principals Blog I am always looking for entry points for our school community to engage in a meaningful discussion of our vision for students.  Will Richardson’s TEDx Talk from Melbourne, Australia (below) provides a clear description of where we need to be headed. All schools need to answer the following […]

Some Thoughts On Changes We Need To Make In Education

One of my favorite speakers on the topic of change in schools is Will Richardson.  His ISTE Ignite session below is well worth the five minutes to get you thinking about some of the ways we need to transform so many of our practices in public education.   iste-presentation from Will Richardson on Vimeo.