Villalta and Kikuchi Recipients of BHS First Annual Innovation Awards

From The BHS Principal’s Blog: BHS Principal Mark Sullivan (left) and Robert Buckley (right) present the First Annual BHS Innovation Awards to Jessica Villalta and Walter Kickuchi.  Congratulations to BHS Class of 2012 graduates Jessica Villalta and Walter Kikuchi who were the first recipients of the BHS Innovation Awards sponsored by Riemer and Braunstein. Jessica,Continue reading “Villalta and Kikuchi Recipients of BHS First Annual Innovation Awards”

More Thinking About Balance And When To Unplug

Having played a big part in the fact that there are over 1,000 students in Burlington walking around with web-enabled devices, I do spend a great deal of time thinking about how to continue the important conversation of maintaining balance with regards to the use these devices. I wrote a post on this a littleContinue reading “More Thinking About Balance And When To Unplug”

Some Thoughts On Changes We Need To Make In Education

One of my favorite speakers on the topic of change in schools is Will Richardson.  His ISTE Ignite session below is well worth the five minutes to get you thinking about some of the ways we need to transform so many of our practices in public education.   iste-presentation from Will Richardson on Vimeo.

Thinking About Balance…Am I That Guy? I had the opportunity to present at ISTE in San Diego last week with my good friend George Couros, an administrator in Canada who I have learned so much from over the past few years. As we developed our presentation for our session, George shared the video above with me from a recent LouisContinue reading “Thinking About Balance…Am I That Guy?”

Classroom 2.0 Book – Another Great Free Resource from Classroom 2.0!

The Classroom 2.0 Book went live yesterday and I am proud to have a chapter (“Setting the Stage for 1:1”) in this free e-book that was created as part of Classroom 2.0’s 5th Anniversary Project (You can check it out below).  As of now, 16 chapters have been uploaded and more are to follow inContinue reading “Classroom 2.0 Book – Another Great Free Resource from Classroom 2.0!”

What Would A "Mockumentary" on Schools Look Like? There was a little bit of conversation on Twitter a few weeks back when this video was first aired by The Onion.  It is amazing to think at how quickly the video store industry became obsolete. While technology continues to change the way we do so many things outside of schools, what practices insideContinue reading “What Would A "Mockumentary" on Schools Look Like?”

My First Post On My New Blog – Let The Learning Continue

It seems like yesterday that I was introduced as the new Principal at BHS, but the reality of it is that five years have passed.  I have been doing a lot of reflecting on what has transpired over the last five years (both personally and professionally). While five years seems like a very small amountContinue reading “My First Post On My New Blog – Let The Learning Continue”